A lesson from Fashion houses that have stood the test of time.

1. Know who you are: Brand identity is key, without sounding too zen-master like; you need to know who you are before the world knows you.  The key lies in finding a set of core values that you stand for. (Hiking up the Himalayas to find inner peace – completely optional).

Find adjectives that you aspire your brand to be synonymous with.  Take for example: Moschino, always fun, young and quirky; creating products that are about redefining fashion and never what you’d expect it to be.

2. Be who you are: Now that you have found yourself – make sure every facet of your brand/ business reflects that identity. From the smallest details like the font you’d use on your website, and the colour scheme followed, to the person you would choose to endorse your brand on television someday. Every ad campaign, every tweet and snap posted – ask yourself – does this reflect my brands identity? If the answer isn’t a resounding YES, don’t post it. (There’s a reason why people with a split personality disorder seek psychiatric help. Don’t be that guy)

3. Visually Hypnotize: looking to stay in your consumer’s pre-frontal cortex? Stay etched in their memory with visual hypnosis – in other words; use visual aid to stand out enough to be remembered. Whether it’s through the extensive use of a particular colour (like the classic red soles on every pair of Louboutins, or the bright blue Tiffany and Co. boxes) or a monogrammed print like Louis Vuitton or Gucci.  Find a unique visual aid to rely on and showcase this in varied moderation to help stay on the mind of your consumers.


4. Sell a story: Draw consumers in, with an inspiring story about your brand’s origins: most historic fashion brands play up the the story of their founders. Like the tear jerking favourite: Coco Chanel, the little orphan girl raised by nuns, who rebelled against the societal standards of femininity and took the fashion world by storm. Many of Chanel’s collections take inspiration from her life and emphasise this story. Don’t have a story? Sell your unique vision/mission – like Stella McCartney and her fight against animal cruelty, or her quest to bring sustainability into the fashion industry. Her latest fashion campaign was shot at a landfill to reiterate the consequences of our over consuming lifestyle.

These are a few simple yet crucial foundational principles that will help you build an immortal brand, one that will live on in the hearts and minds of its consumers.

In other words, help you build a brand that will never die. 

Amy Suzanna is a fashion blogger who has a way with words and wardrobes.
She loves fashion, studies it and also gives her unbiased, bold opinions on her blog: The Pencil Skirt.
She is a self proclaimed High School Musical and Lion King subject matter expert.
Amy has an adorable dog called Bambi who is a fussy eater (just like her). We love Amy! <3


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