Social media has become a vital part in every company’s branding and marketing strategy these days. While some companies hire dedicated digital media agencies, some hire employees to do the same, but the rules they both play by are the same, they aim for the same thing: Brand Awareness. Here are a few tried and tested hacks you can use if you’re a social media executive.

Piggy back on your Influencers.

It’s not a new thing in town to follow influencers, but it’s important to know how to draw attention to your brand while you piggy back their accounts. The process is quite simple actually- follow them, tag them, communicate with them. Once you make a post that you think any of your influencer’s audience might enjoy, tag them and let them know that you think they’d enjoy it, also encourage them to share it on their accounts. DM them to let them know if there’s a post you enjoy, this way you can begin to communicate with them.

Make that tweet long!

How many of y’all have been daunted by the 140-character limit of Twitter? It’s quite challenging to express your thoughts within a sentence, isn’t it? This hack will prove to be the most useful to you if you’re a Twitter addict but get frustrated with the length of a tweet. All you need to do is begin to write your sentence down as a normal tweet and then reply to yourself on the same tweet, with the continuation of the rest of your sentence. Do keep in mind that you need to take away the mention to yourself, if not you’ll just be someone having a conversation with your own account. A tip to remember- Make sure your first tweet is interesting and engaging, it should make someone want to scroll down and read the rest. Don’t give away everything in your first tweet. This works wonders!

Authentication Certification of your Influencer.

With the above-mentioned point, you do know how to use an influencer, but there’s a prelude to that. You need to know if the influencer account you’re following is the real-deal or an imposter (trust me there are tons of them online). It’s easy to figure this out on Facebook and Instagram with the “verified tick” marks, but what about Twitter? The best way to find out about this is to check the lists your influencer is part off on Twitter. You can see this information either on Twitter or on your Tweetdeck app by simply navigating to their profile and checking the number lists the influencer is part off. Do your math and check to ensure that this person’s followers are more than the number of lists he/she is part off. Once you’ve done that, your job is done. Tweet away and reach out to your influencers!

Get them bloggered!

Do you find that the blogs you share don’t get the amount of attention they deserve online? It’s not something rare. Most blogs that are posted on your accounts go unnoticed due to people’s attention span being close to a sparrow. So how do you get your audience to be interested and engaged enough to go read your blog? It’s quite simple. This takes a little effort but it does pay off! All you need to do is to wisely choose a couple of lines or statements from your blog that you can use as a quote. Now make a post of it and put it up on all your social media accounts with a link of the blog attached to it. This is bound to get some traffic to your blog and your website!

Twitter Chatter!

Business requires you to be very aware of building professional networks for yourself. What’s the best way to do it? Gone are the days were you hand out your business card to every person you meet. We live our lives on social media these days, so take hold of the opportunities you have and go at it! Twitter has a great way to build your network by hosting Twitter chats. Also, it’s very simple and perfect for people on the go. All it takes is an hour a week to start off with. You can either host a twitter chat yourself or be a part of another one. The concept just consists of having a discussion with fellow like-minded people by using a specific relevant hashtag. You’ll be surprised at the amount of connections you’ll make with each chat you’re part off!

All the above-mentioned points are just a tip off the iceberg in the social media world. There are a ton of things you are set to discover and explore on a daily basis. The key is to be engaged and curious to use various ideas to get your brand into the limelight!

– Sophie Leslie 

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