10 Things You Will Totally Get If You Are A Writer

10 Things You Will Totally Get If You Are A Writer

PJs all day and high doses of caffene keeping you alive? Chances are, you are a writer! While you have the ability to weave words into art and create characters out of thin air, being a writer comes with a set of quirks that you just cannot shake off! Whether it is crippling self-doubt or writer’s block or whether it is an unexpected muse or a surprisingly great piece, the world of a writer is full of mystery, wonder and a whole lot of adventure!

Here are ten things you’d totally get if you are writer:

1. When You Have To Delete Your Search History Before Somebody Arrests You.

Am I hiding something? Not really. But after four hours of searching ways to poison somebody or torture them a little without being caught so that my antagonist won’t come across as a fake, I must admit, I get a little worried that the cops will come after me!

2. When Showers Turn Into Less Washing More Thinking.

I’ve lost track of the number of times that a regular shower has birthed some of my best concepts. There must be something to do with the sound of flowing water that triggers creativity. Googling that right now!

3. When You Begin To Finally Start Typing That Story Out and You ‘Accidentally’ Open Facebook.

I’ve found that Facebook is my worst enemy when I”m writing. While the passion for writing is something that comes naturally, it requires a fair amount of discipline that most writers (read:me) are not so natural at! 9 out of 10 times I’ve begun to type out my ideas seamlessly, when suddenly the urge to check notifications on Facebook get the better of me. Before I know it, I’ve wasted 5 hours of what would have been a complete story eating chips and chocolate, falling prey to click-baits and spending money I don’t have on clothes I may never wear!

4. When You’re Busy Living A Normal Day and Suddenly You’ve Made A Story Out Of It.

I’ve always been a compulsive storyteller, even if it was my own life and even if it was in my own head. My younger cousins and friends would often spend evenings eagerly listening to the “Misfortunes of Tianna” only because I couldn’t help see my life with all its good and bad moments as a story full of plot twists and thrills. I’ll admit, it made me feel super-cool but it’s not like I didn’t know that behind this coolness was just a disorder of sorts that compelled me to see things in ways that my audience probably never would have. I guess this habit had always made me humor all of the bad times and work on getting my protagonist (in this case, me) out of a mess and into a better place!

5. Did I dream it, did I write it or did we talk about this?

Anyone who knows me well had heard me ask them at least once, “ Did this really happen or did I dream it?”What comes out of an overactive imagination and a thirst for playing with images and words is dreams that are as vivid as what I imagine a dose of hallucinogenics would be. Often, my stories are inspired from real life events, people, feelings, dialogues and dreams… the world is a writer’s oyster!

6. Reading Your Story For The 20th Time And Starting To Hate It To The Point Of Deleting It.

A lot of artists struggle with this. When you read or stare at something you have created so much, little monsters called flaws start to pop out at you, it’s true! They are even so heartless as you scream out how each little line or character needs some change. Finally, you’re either shutting down your system or deleting the file forever, depriving the world of a great read!

7. When You Realize That Writer’s Block is NOT an Urban Legend.

This realization hits me about once everyday. Yep, blank pages, both digitally and in reality are torture! Cold, black keyboard letters do not form clear words or sentences some days and other days there are portals to a magical world. I’ve found that the best way to write, is to not write. Take a break, go for a walk, a vacation or a time-out to get inspired…it works!

8. When Ideas Pop Up at the Most Inconvenient Times…

Remember that time you were in church, feeling pure as ever when suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a heinous plot twist that involves things God would NOT approve of? NO? I have. Ideas for stories and scenes and character sketches have a tendency of turning up in the middle of the night, on a romantic date, in the middle of a busy work day or at a place so far from your laptop that you know you’d forget it by the time you get home!

9. When You Forget To Eat, Drink or Shower

This happens every time you get a great idea! Your life suddenly gets undone and you find yourself morphing into a adrenaline run that doesn’t need food, water or showers to sustain. It is also an effective diet plan…not.

10. When You Comfortably Ease Into The Fact That You Are Weird or Slightly Crazy

A writer isn’t producing his best work unless he feels deeply, I think. How can you write if you are not stirred and shaken to a point where you must write about how you feel? There have been times when a donut and a mug of coffee has made me feel emotional to the point of writing 1000 words about it, leaving me teary eyed, and feeling like I’ve had an epiphany. Writers embrace “different” and “strange” like it makes them belong, ironically.

Despite the assumptions and realities of being a writer, one deliciously cherished fact that keeps me going is that a writer can be whoever they want to be, travel to wherever they want to go and experience as much as they want to. If you can imagine it, you can live it.

“I change during the course of a day. I wake and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.” – Bob Dylan

If you are thinking of becoming a writer professionally and want a reality check read this: Life as a writer- Expectations vs. Reality.

Tianna Coelho is a writer, blogger and hooper extraordinaire. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time with her hula hoop and travelling on envious adventures. She embraces life and wonder like no one we know and is such an inspiration to creative people. She agreed to write this fun piece for us and we are going to pay her in donuts when she’s in Mumbai next (she lives in Pune currently). A big shout out to Tianne and her creative head that we are so in love with. 

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