We’re Brand Image Artists!

Join us on a fun, creative and rewarding journey towards making your brand stand out like a boss!
We provide relevant, contemporary, innovative and unique branding solutions that will create giant impact.

Creative Design
Creativity is at the heart of all our solutions. We help you discover what your unique brand fingerprint is and do our best to represent that through design that is clear, simple and powerful.
Bespoke Solutions
Our entire range of solutions are tailor-made to suit your brand’s unique personality and goals. We truly want to help you make a strong impact and one that isn’t like anyone else’s.
Passionate Promotion
Partner with us and we will passionately endorse your brand as we do our own. We partner with brands that we believe in and we ardently root for them. We’re all heart!
Unparalleled Support
We will go the extra mile in providing steady support for your brand. We realise that good branding doesn’t end with a nice logo. We partner with you for the long run!
Rajiv Chelladurai testimonial five stones media house

"Five Stones Media House goes beyond execution...they collaborate, synergize and are truly thought partners in drawing up a customized and effective solution. I personally benefited from their expertise in building a strong social media presence. I also loved their work on my websites. If you are either starting or scaling up your business, I will strongly recommend that you engage with FSMH."

Rajiv Chelladurai Ergos Mind

Our Services

Our brand solutions are varied and all aimed at setting your brand apart
in every way possible and at the same time achieving your unique business goals.
Have a look at what areas our brand image artists work on…

Graphic Design
We offer creative design services that will help to build your brand’s unique identity (logos, marketing collaterals, presentations, merchandise, etc.).
Content Creation
Whether it is blog articles, social media updates, Website content or promotional material — we create engaging content to represent your brand powerfully.
Web Design
We create Web sites that are easy to navigate and difficult to visit just once! Our focus with web design is user-friendliness and unique brand identity.
We will manage and promote your brand image on social media through relevant content and creative audience engagement.
In-House Training
We offer a range of customized training modules that will thoroughly equip your employees to become strong brand ambassadors.
Brand Consultancy
With your exclusive brand needs in focus, we help you create brand strategy that will last and create continuous impact in your market.