Why a Branded PowerPoint Template is a Must!

Though they’re often underrated, PowerPoint templates play a very crucial role in helping make presentations stand out. They are an indispensable marketing tool that aid face-to-face meetings and make communicating key thoughts and ideas so much easier.

This being said, a lot of brands don’t invest time or effort in ‘branding’ their presentation templates. Whatever the reasons may be for doing so, here are some compelling reasons why having a branded PowerPoint template is a must.


When making presentations to clients, investors and key business stakeholders; it is so important to make a good impression and convey the right message about your brand. Your brand message isn’t just what you speak about your brand. It compromises of so much more than that – your logo, your business card, your presentation, your product, your service, your marketing collateral, your digital presence, etc. Your brand voice must be clear, unique, strong and consistent. Having a PowerPoint template that is consistent with your brand voice will ‘create giant impact’ on your audience.


A branded PowerPoint template can be shared across your organisation so that any employee who needs to make a presentation uses the template and your communication across organisation is consistent. This ensures that prospects aren’t jeopardized and opportunities aren’t ruined because of badly formatted and uninspiring presentations.


A PowerPoint template is a tool that has been pre-customized with your branding and so, the design is taken care of. This helps you focus on the more important thing: the content of your presentation. It saves you the time you’d otherwise invest in selecting colors & fonts, adding your company logo and formatting your slides.

Using a template is pretty straightforward. Instead of beginning with an empty PowerPoint each time you want to put a presentation together; you can pick from an assortment of slide layouts and assemble a unique presentation very quickly. All you need to do is insert your content and imagery into the placeholders, save your presentation, and you’re good to go! This makes you so efficient and quick at preparing for your meetings.


Standard branded PowerPoint templates are an inexpensive asset for brands who don’t have the time, manpower or resources to invest in customised PowerPoint designs every time a presentation is being planned. They are a must-have collateral for start-ups, young businesses as well as established brands. The value that a branded presentation will add to your overall branding strategy can’t be undermined. It’s an advisable long-term investment that amplifies your brand voice at important meetings.

If you’re looking to make your brand’s out-bound communication more enthralling and compelling, then this tailor-made presentation solution can’t be ignored for long.

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Author: Rebecca Pearson

Rebecca Pearson is the Founder & CEO of Five Stones Media House, a creative branding agency based in Mumbai. Five Stones provides bespoke branding solutions that help them achieve their business goals through creative visual branding, websites, SMM, SEO, event management and content solutions. We journey closely with brands in a dedicated and passionate way and help them fulfill their purpose. 


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